Billy Gillespie

Hello,  welcome to my speaking page.Billy Gillespie

I am passionate about my faith and excited about sharing my reversion story and my extraordinary encounter with the Holy Spirit.

I am relatable with adults and teens and everyone in between and do so with a sense of humor and loving spirit. I will speak at your event regardless of size.

For more information email me at info@billygillespie.com I look forward to meeting you.Holy-Spirit.jpeg

I was baptized and raised Catholic but drifted away. I had many questions and doubts about the mass, my faith and always quick with an excuse for skipping mass. But there was always something inside me, a longing, urging me back to the church, which for many years I ignored.

“There has got to be more to this (the mass) than just this (what I am seeing),” I would say to myself when I attended mass. I doubted the teachings of the Catholic Church, would get angry at priests as they gave their homilies and sometimes walk out in a huff. But something inside of me was always pulling me back to church.


One Sunday morning during mass, sitting in a pew half asleep, I had the most incredible life changing experience that shook me to the core, in which the Holy Spirit entered my inner most being in a frightening yet intensely loving way and revealed to me the answers to all my questions, all my doubts about the Catholic Church, about the mass, in the most extraordinary way.

Two years later, I was drawn by God to become a Confirmation Catechist in my parish and I have been sharing my story with confirmation students for the past nine years.

If someone told me my story 11 years ago, I would not have believed them. But it happened to me. I know there are many people in the world who are like I was and feel that when they hear my story, it could be a catalyst to bring them back to the church, attend mass and have a deeper understating of their faith and the Love of Jesus Christ.

I have a special interest to reaching out to teens, who are the future of our church and in a very crucial point of their lives. After confirmation will they abandon their faith and blow with the winds of societal whims or will they choose Christ. My hope is, my faith story will touch their hearts and open them to the Love of Jesus.

Blessings to you,

Billy Gillespie

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